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Modeling of Energy Cost

Pie chart showing modeling of energy costPie chart showing modeling of energy cost

Determining where and in what quantities energy is used throughout a building helps to prioritize energy improvement efforts to maximum effectiveness. This figure shows a typical breakdown of a building’s energy use by equipment type as estimated from modeling.

This breakdown gives an indication of possible areas for improvement. Note that heating and cooling make up over half of all energy use. Therefore, improving the efficiency and operations of these systems can provide abundant savings. Internal loads are the next largest piece, followed by lighting, and so efficiency efforts should be focused accordingly.

How would your facility’s breakdown look? Where would you get the biggest bang for the buck in making improvements?

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Our team has become very adept at energy modeling commercial, industrial, and public facilities. A well-designed and accurate energy model can be a tremendously effective tool in assessing potential building improvements prior to implementation or documenting those that have already been completed.


The majority of our audit work has been performed at no cost to the client via the backing of the Smart Energy Design Assistance Center. If you have the commitment to create a more energy efficient building environment, SEDAC is a terrific resource to establish a potent game plan to accomplish this goal cost-effectively. Click here to apply today and please indicate that you were referred by Energy Veterans, Inc!


If you have constructed an energy efficient building in the last ten years (or so), or made significant improvements to an existing facility (as compared to the ASHRAE 90.1-2001 standard), you may qualify for an energy efficiency tax deduction (click here to learn more). However, the IRS requires certification of these efforts. Contact us for a free consultation.